Screwing Simulator VS-H: ETH-messtechnik gmbh


for electric or pneumatic switching-off tools

Simply hold on to the automatic screw driver
Even suitable for manual operated tools

Using the screwing simulator Model VS-H it possible to simulate on a quick and easy manner soft screwing cases as well as hard screwing cases with an automatic screw driver. On this way the power range of a tool can be checked and a surveillance of the devices during the manufacturing process can be done. In combination with an evaluation device the detected torque values can be shown and documented. The difference in the values of switching-off and stalling the screw driver on soft and hard screwing cases as well as the deviation with the particular screwing case gives a statement about the quality of screw driver.


Technical Specifications

Measurement range| 5 | 10 | 20 | 25 || 5 | 20 |
 (other measurement ranges on demand)
Supply voltage12 V DC ± 10 %12 V max.
Power consumptionca. 20 mA35 mA max.
Voltage output0- ± 5V an ≤ 1M Ω2 mV/V
Nonlinearity< 0,3 %< 0,15 %
Hysteresis< 0,1 %< 0,1 %
Deviation at zero point≤ ± 100 mV≤ ± 0,01 mV/V
Internal resistance--350 Ω nominal
Compensated temp. range5 - 45°C5 - 45°C
Working temperature0 - 60°C0 - 60°C
Temperature fault  
Zero point0,02 % / K0,02 % / K
Sensitivity0,01 % / K0,01 % / K
Mechanical overload50 %50 %
Weightapprox. 0,95 Kgapprox. 0,95 Kg
Connection12pin fitted connector6pin fitted connector
Weight1,0 kg1,0 kg