DPFR-027: ETH-messtechnik gmbh


Checking the adhesion factor at gear units

Customized Solution:

Friction measurement on gear with cam recording

with service case


In order to reduce the frictional torque in a gearbox from the automotive industry, a measuring device that accompanies the development is required. With the DPFR-027, changes in the design can be measured directly on the product. This means that even the smallest improvements can be determined.

The field of application of this test device is extremely diverse and can be easily converted to other applications. Thanks to the mobile design, tests can be carried out under different temperatures and climatic conditions.


  • hand-held drive unit compact
  • slim design
  • constant load-independent test speed
  • selectable direction of rotation and speed
  • additional storage to eliminate lateral forces
  • Acquisition of torque and angle of rotation
  • Graphic recording of the test sequence
  • Storage of the test results in Excel
  • Simultaneous viewing of up to 20 variable test sequences from the database, shown in color
  • Variable test speed
  • Reproducible test process thanks to constant speed independent of torque
  • waterproof service case