DPFR-013: ETH-messtechnik gmbh


Calibrate and adjust mechanical yarn brakes for the textile industry

Customized Solution
for spinning

Function description mechanical brake thread

The test specimen is inserted in the UUT, which is mounted on a pneumatic slide. By pressing a button, the candidate moves to the running belt drive. The sample is then tested in different locking positions, the switching of the individual Paramtersätze is realized via a rotary switch. In each latching position, IO / NIO statement about the GMV2 light mounted on the column is displayed visually. After passing the examination, the tray will open again and the next candidate can be inserted. A speed controller as well as an ON / OFF switch for the drive are also integrated in the switch box under the GMV2. The entire inspection unit is mobile and complained to a height-adjustable lifting unit. The GMV2 and connect the switch are also mounted height adjustable in the profiles.