Ring-Forcesensor "CCG": ETH-messtechnik gmbh


Annular Load Cell "CCG"

For the measurement of compressive forces

11 Capacities 0-12.5 kN to 0-540 kN


Key Features

  • Low Profile
  • Very Compact
  • Low Deflection
  • Output 1.5mV/V nominal
  • Accuracy <±1.5%/RC typical (improved accuracy versions available)
  • Suitable for use with Metric and Imperial Bolt Sizes
  • Sealed to IP66
  • Robust Construction
  • Custom-Sized Versions Available
  • 3 Year Warranty


The CCG Series of annular load cells are designed for the measurement of compressive forces, both continually and periodically, and are often used in critical bolted installations to monitor bolt tension. They are also used in cable tension applications where they are mounted at the anchor point. Their low profile makes them ideal for use where space is limited.

The CCG series can be entirely customised to meet your specific requirements, including the IP rating to IP68 for fully submersible applications and temperature range up to 200˚C.

The CCG Series can be supplied complete with accompanying instrumentation with a UKAS traceable calibration service, please contact our technical sales team.


Rated Capacity (RC)kN0-12.5, 0-25, 0-35, 0-50, 0-100, 0-160, 0-200, 0-250, 0-300, 0-360, 0-540
Operating Modes Compression Only
Sensitivity RangemV/V1.5mV/V nominal (see note below)
Operating Temperature Range°C-20 to+70
IP Rating IP66
Note: The sensitivity range stated above is dependent on the selected mounting position. If the mounting position is maintained during operation, then the CCG will be repeatable and linear within the parameters specified above. If the mounting position is altered, then the sensitivity range may change by up to ±10%, as may repeatability.
For more information see data sheet


  • Submersible & Waterproof Versions
  • Can be Entirely Customised
  • Shunt Calibration facility
  • Non-Standard Sizes Available on Request
  • Other Ranges Available on Request
  • Special Mounting Adaptors Available on Request
  • Miniaturised Version
  • High Temperature Versions to 200°C
  • TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)
  • TEDS Allows Plug & Play with TEDS Enabled Instrumentation
  • Improved Accuracy Versions
  • Vacuum Application Version
  • USB Versions (via DSC-USB)
  • Single or Multi-Channel PC-Based Monitoring & Data Logging System


  • Electro-Mechanical Test Rigs
  • Critical Bolted Installations
  • Cable Tension Systems
  • Cable Stay Monitoring
  • Rock Anchor Monitoring