ValueView-D-01: ETH-messtechnik gmbh


Supply and display device ValueView-D-01

for active torque transducer
with torque and speed display

  • 24 bit resolution
  • up to 50 measurements per second
  • permanent min/max-display
  • Tara-function
  • Sensorfeeding
  • +/- Fullscale-input
  • Peak value measurement

Device combinations/variations:
We offer different variants for this evaluation device. These can be adapted / programmed to the respective customer requirements. To check whether your individual requirement can be implemented, please contact our sales department.



The supply and display unit ValueView D-01 gives you in connection with ETH-torque transducers a possibility to show torque values in various manner for a reasonable price. In the standard operating mode “momentary value“ you can read the last measured value alternatively the display can be set to “maximum value” or “minimum value”.

The time of taking a reading and the time of the display-cycle can be programmed.
On all operating modes a tara-function is available
With the +/- full-scale-input it is also possible to show the direction of the measured torque.

On displaying of four programmable switching points you can supervise the compliance of set threshold values.

Special versions for passivee transducers and for display of speed are available on demand.


D-01: two devices=Standard• for positve and negatve peak value measurement
• Tracking and peak value measurement
D-02: standard + variantTorque and speed measurement
D-03: standard + variantEight potental-free changeover contacts limit value
outputs, four for torque and four for speed
D-XX: standard + variantDescripton of the desired functons

Technical Data

Supply Voltage
mains voltage
115 - 230 VAC ± 10 %
(50-60 Hz)     
Sensor feeding
for torque transducers

12 V DC / 500 mA
Display 5 digits

LED with 7 segments, 14mm high indication of 4 transversal bars
option: 2x torque; Right and left load
more details see data sheet!
Supply Voltage:115 – 230 VAC ± 10 % (50 - 60 Hz) über Kaltgerätestecker
Sensor feeding for torque transducers12V DC / 500 mA
    Sensing device:0 bis ± 5 V; 0 bis ± 10 V
    Input restistance:approx. 10 MΩ
Signal output 
    Torque:durchgeschleift v. Aufnehmer
    Speed:durchgeschleift v. Aufnehmer
    Eingang:  (12 polig)rückseitig durch Rundstecker
    Ausgang:  (7-polig)rückseitig durch Rundstecker
    Measuring time:0,02 - 10,00 sec
    Measuring rate:max. 50 Messungen / Sekunde
    Rise time 0-100 %:0,5 ms
    Peak value measurement durch Impulsverlängerung:20 ms ≈ 98 % ; 100 ms ≈ 90 %
(bei zwei hintereinander folgenden 5 ms Impulsen)
    Verzögerung bis Ausgang „0“:100 - 0 % max. 3 s
    Measuring error:≤ 0,02 %  ± 2 Digit
    Temperatur drift:50 ppm/K
Display:          5-stellig; Siebensegment-LED, 14 mm, rot