Switchbox: ETH-messtechnik gmbh


Switchbox for Torque Transducer

  • Acquisition of torque and angle of rotation from 3 torque transducers
  • Manual operation and external operation, e.g. by a PLC
  • A parameter set from 19 can be assigned to each of the transducers
  • Avoidance of warm-up measurement errors through constant power supply to the sensors
  • EMC-tight housing

Switchbox for common use in screws applications. Screwings of three screw drivers can be done in succession. Controlled by torque and angle. Sensor switching and changing the parameter set can be done manually with the control switch or externally e.g. with a PLC.

Technical Data

Supply voltage    230 V 50 Hz
Power consumptionmax 30 VA
Power supply for sensor3 x 12 V / 0,2 A
more details see data sheet!