GMV2-K: ETH-messtechnik gmbh



for mobile use in the outdoor area
robust, impact resistant, waterproof

  • tool testing
  • production monitoring
  • documentation according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • quality assurance
  • for active torque sensors (in the standard version)
  • built-in electrical power supply for electric screwdriver up to 16 A
  • control for hydraulic units
  • wide input voltage range 110 - 230 V AC
  • RS232 + USB interface
  • battery 4 h continuous operation
  • with storage for documentation and measuring / connecting cable

open suitcase IP 54
closed case IP 65


The GMV2-K is a microprocessor-controlled supply and display unit for various applications in torque-measurement. In screwing sector with appropriate sensors detected measurement values for torque and angle, speed and power can be displayed, evaluated conforming to pre-set limits and stored. The handling using a self-explanatory menu is carried out in simple steps. Using a torque transducer with integrated recognition chip the sensor data will be transmitted automatically into the parameter set by connecting the transducer to GMV2. For better distinction the parameter-sets and data-sets can be named with text. The access to the general settings can be limited by using passwords in three levels. The measured values will be internal stored in combination with date and time and they can be printed out by an external printer or transmitted to an existing EDP.


connection cable
Torque sensors