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DRBL torque sensors

Article from 27.06.2023

DRBL torque sensors

Discover the new DRBL torque sensors - an innovative evolution of our proven DRBK series!


With the DRBL torque sensors, we offer you more versatile mounting options that enable you to use them flexibly in your applications. Whether fastening from above, below or on the front - the DRBL fits into your system.


Another highlight of the DRBL series is the stainless torsion shaft. Thanks to this, the lifespan is extended and thus sustainability is improved. So you can rely on the precise measurement results without having to worry about corrosion.


The mistake-proof mounting of the sensors is another advantage that saves you time and effort. Error-free installation is ensured thanks to its clear alignment using feather keys and cylindrical pins, as well as clear labeling of the test and drive sides.


With the longer shaft ends of the DRBL sensors, you have a wide range of options when selecting the coupling. You can select the right coupling from a large range and thus achieve the best performance and precision for you. Be it in tool making, e-mobility or another area of application, the DRBL makes integration into your existing systems easy.


The DRBL torque sensors additionally impress with their improved measurement accuracy. With a measurement accuracy of ≤ 0.25% compared to the 0.5% of the DRBK, you can count on highly precise measurements that provide you with valuable data and help to improve your processes. A factory calibration certificate with 25% increments (left, right) is now included in the scope of the delivery.


 In addition to all the advanced features and benefits offered by the DRBL series, we would like to emphasize that this continues to be a budget-friendly alternative. We understand that budget is an important factor and that is why we have developed the DRBL range to offer you excellent value for your money.


Choose a DRBL torque sensor and benefit from its outstanding performance, reliability and precision - all at an attractive price. Contact us today to find out more about the DRBL series and how it can meet your needs.
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