ValueMaster base: ETH-messtechnik gmbh


Measuring Module ValueMaster base

  • measurement of torque, speed, angle, pressure, force and stroke
  • connection of 2 sensors
  • control I/O interface with signal output e.g. for SPC
  • analysis of values on a PC using included software network connection with ethernet

The ValueMaster measurement module turns your PC or Notebook into a full-fledged professional measurement device

  • Measurements can be displayed, evaluated according to preset limits and assessed graphically.
  • Data from torque transducers with integrated ID chips are automatically loaded into the parameter set.
  • Measurements are stored in a txt file. They can be compared at many levels in the archive.
  • The device can be controlled externally via control inputs.
  • Optical signals can be output or a nutrunner de-energized via a separate power supply.

Custom software or non-standard functions can be provided upon request.


Sensor 1: Active torque sensor with or without speed-or angle recording, and with two ranges.
Sensor 2: Active torque sensor without speed- or angle recording, force sensor or stroke sensor.

If single-range transducers are used, both sensors can be connected simultaneously to the measurement module.

Datasheet ValueMaster base
Operating instructions

Technical Data

Supply voltage100-240V / 50-60 Hz
with power supply
Sensor feeding
(every channel)

12V DC / 200 mA
Input signal analog
    measurement range
    input resistance
    limit frequency (3 dB)
0 to ± 5V or 0 to ± 10 V
0 to ± 6,25V or 0 to ± 12,5 V
1 MΩ
0,2 %
0,1 %
35 kHz (with filter: 1 kHz)
Input signal angle
   frequency range
TTL or open-collector
0 - 25 kHz
Resolution AD-converter11 Bit + 1 Bit for leading sign
Swithing output (optocoupler)IO, NIO, Motor on
max. 24V / 150 mA
Network connectionEthernet 100 MBit/s
Dimensions190 x 112 x 51 mm
Weightapprox. 900 g